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Canvas is a simple, powerful blog publishing platform that lets you to share your stories with the world. Its beautifully designed interface and completely customizable framework allows you to create and publish your own blog, giving you tools that make it easy and even fun to do.

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A Brief Update

Todd Austin · about a year ago

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to provide some type of public announcement to let you all know why it's been a little quieter than usual on the Canvas development front.

I recently came back from a family vacation in South Padre Island, Texas. Had a great time, but don't look forward to flying anyti...

    Support Canvas on Patreon

    Todd Austin · about a year ago

    Canvas is officially on Patreon! If you've been using Canvas for some time now and want to show your love and support for the platform, consider making a pledge to keep the bug fixes, issue resolution, and app update...

      Canvas Update v2.1.13

      Todd Austin · 2 years ago

      Due to popular demand, Canvas now supports user management! You can now create or edit users and assign them specific roles to be either a basic user or a site administrator. Lots of new unit tests were added to cover that portion of the application. Check out the release notes...

        Known Issues with Proengsoft

        Todd Austin · 2 years ago

        Laravel v5.3.21 just came out and changed the way validations are handled slightly. Unfortunately, that broke the LaravelJS Validation package that Canvas uses. We've been closely watching an ...

          Canvas Update v2.1.5

          Todd Austin · 2 years ago

          Say goodbye to digging through the config/blog.php file to update your site settings! With v2.1.5 you can update everything you need to right from the Settings page. Integrating with Google Analytics and Disqus has never been easier. Check out ...

            Canvas Update v2.1.3

            Todd Austin · 2 years ago

            Canvas v2.1.3 gives blog owners a nice landing page to call home. For the newly initiated, this page will give quick links to common actions in the administrative sections. To the pro-bloggers out there, quickly jot down a blog draft and save it ...